The James Lind Library

The James Lind Library has been created to help people understand fair tests of treatments in health care. The principles of fair tests are explained in essays available in Arabic (ربي), Chinese (中文), English, French (français), Russian (русский язык), Portuguese (Português) and Spanish (español). In addition, three books written for the public are available here for free download. One of the books - Testing Treatments - is available in several languages at

To illustrate the development of fair tests of treatments, the James Lind Library also contains images of key passages from over 1000 manuscripts, books, journal articles and other relevant material supplied mainly by the Sibbald Library of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.  The JLL Bulletin contains over 200 original articles about the history of fair tests.

The James Lind Library is dedicated to the patients and professionals who have contributed evidence about the effects of treatments in health care. For a full description of the James Lind Library, click here or here for Spanish (español). Comments are welcome, and should be sent to

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