Commission Royale. Bailly A (1784)

Rapport des commissaires chargés par le Roi, de l'examen du magnétisme animale [Report of the Comissioners required by the King to examine animal magnetism]. Imprimé par ordre du Roi. Paris: A Paris, de L'Imprimerie Royale.
Antoine Lavoisier, Benjamin Franklin and others in Paris assessed the effects of Franz Mesmer’s animal magnetism by blindfolding patients to whom it was applied.

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The full text of this book (translated) is available from the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Key articles

  • Donaldson IML (2005).
    Mesmer’s 1780 proposal for a controlled trial to test his method of treatment using ‘Animal Magnetism
  • Donaldson IML (2016).
    Antoine de Lavoisier’s role in designing a single-blind trial to assess whether ‘Animal Magnetism’ exists.

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