Finsen NR (1896)

Om Anvendelse I Medicinen af koncentrerede kemiske Lysstraaler. [On the application in medicine of concentrated chemical rays of light]. Kjøbenhavn: Gyldendalske Boghandels Forlag.

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“If it is thought that my statements about the effect of this treatment are too definite, considering that I have only studied 11 cases, my comment would be that this would be quite right had a medicine given internally been studied, an injection or similar, where a systemic effect is expected. But here the treatment is purely local, spot by spot is treated and, for example, in one and the same patient one can observe the same effect ten times or more. In (assessing) systemic treatments, each patient can contribute only once (to an evaluation).”

Translation by Peter Gøtzsche



Niels Ryberg Finsen (1860-1904)


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