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Paul Franz Xavier Martini (1889-1964)

1889Born in Frankenthal (Rhine-Palatinate), Germany, on 25th January

Paul Franz Xavier Martini

Paul Franz Xavier Martini

Elementary school in Frankenthal and Landau
Grammar school, including final examination, in Frankenthal and Ludwigshafen
Medical student at the Universities of Munich and Kiel
Military Service during First World War
1917Doctoral thesis in cardiac physiology: “Changes of the central and peripheral pulse under different conditions”, supervised by Otto Frank, Munich
1922Habilitation thesis – “Studies on percussion and auscultation” – supervised by Friedrich von Müller, Munich; lecturer at University of Munich
Medical registrar in Munich
1926Graduation as Professor of Medicine; publication of his first book “Martini‘s principles and practice of physical diagnosis” (“Die unmittelbare Krankenuntersuchung”, Springer, Berlin)
Medical consultant in Munich
Head of the Department of Medicine at St. Hedwigskrankenhaus in Berlin
1932First edition of “Methodology of therapeutic investigation” (“Methodenlehre der therapeutischen Untersuchung”, Springer, Berlin; further editions with a slightly changed title 1947, 1953, 1968 with G. Oberhoffer and E. Welte)
Professor and head of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-University, Bonn
Army medical service as a supervising doctor during Second World War; discharged suffering from polyarthritis; continuation of his clinical work despite problems with the Nazi regime for supporting Jewish colleagues
1945Involved in rebuilding the Medical School and University of Bonn
1957Retired 19th March; awarded Paracelsus Medal by the Deutscher Ärztetag (the highest distinction of the German Medical Association)
1959Honorary member of the Rudolph Virchow Society, New York, and of the German Society of Internal Medicine
1964Died at Galenberg (Eifel), Germany, on 8th September
1966Establishment of the Paul Martini Foundation (for the support of pharmaceutical research), Berlin, Germany
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