Hemminki E (2010). Martti Simeon Kalke (1898-1976).

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The Finnish national physicians register records that Martti Simeon Kalke was born on 5 September 1898 in Nastola, a rural community in south Finland. He graduated from school in Vaasa in 1913, and qualified in medicine at the University of Helsinki in 1924.

Kalke made a study trip to Austria in 1930-1931, and worked as a municipal doctor and then as a company doctor, before becoming a military physician in 1937.

Kalke was married and had three children, and his hobbies were tennis and beekeeping. He died in 1976.

Kalke’s article about the sweating cure is mentioned in the physicians register, but no reference is made to any other research reports there, and the director of the military museum (Hannu Takala) is not aware of any other research done by Dr Kalke.