Peters L (2006). James Lind’s descendants.

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James Lind married Isobel Dickie, a cousin, in 1748. They had a daughter, Joan (1749-1832), and two sons, John and James. The elder son, John (1751-1794), succeeded James Lind as Chief Physician at Haslar in 1783. The younger son, James (1752-1823), was a Captain in the Royal Navy, later knighted, who died without children.

John Lind married Elizabeth Player, from Ryde, Isle of Wight, in 1789. He built a house named ‘Westmont’ at Ryde, which is now Ryde School. John and Elizabeth Lind had five daughters – Mary, Elizabeth, Louise, Caroline and Anne – and a son, also named James.

James Lind, like his father John and his grandfather James, trained as a doctor in Edinburgh. As he and his wife, Mary Reeks, had no children, it is with him that the name Lind dies out among the direct descendents of James Lind.

Mary Lind, a daughter of John and Elizabeth Lind, wrote a journal, beginning in 1814, during the 2 years of her tour of Europe with her mother (Elizabeth Lind, née Player), her sister Elizabeth, and (occasionally) her brother, James. The journal gives fascinating social and historical insights into the lives, customs and interests of a family of some means travelling through France, Switzerland and Italy during the times of the Napoleonic Wars.

Elizabeth Lind, another daughter of John and Elizabeth Lind, met a Swiss man, Antoine Albert du Thon, whilst touring in Switzerland. She later married Antoine, who appears to have come from a well-connected, aristocratic family. Elizabeth and Antoine had four sons – William, Edmond, Jean Rodolfe and Charles – and two daughters – Juliette Blanche and Elizabeth Geraldine.

Elizabeth du Thon married Samuel Peters in 1858. They had six children: Albert, Elizabeth, Blanche, Edmond, John and Grace.

John Peters, a son of Elizabeth and Samuel, married Ethel Binney in 1914. They had three boys – Henry, Gerald and Arthur – the eldest of whom is alive today.

Edmond Peters, another son of Elizabeth and Samuel, married Charlotte Barker in 1894. They had two daughters – Marjorie and Vera (both of whom were childless) – and two sons – Jack and Lind.

Jack Peters married Mabel Palmer in 1934 and they had two daughters, Jacky and Frances. Jack died tragically in a road traffic accident only weeks after the family emigrated to South Africa.

Lind Peters and his French wife, Raymonde Svemser, had one son, Michael.

The living descendants of James Lind – through his son John Lind, his granddaughter Elizabeth Lind, and then through John, Edmond, Jack and Lind Peters – have  regular family gatherings . In recent generations, the family occupations have included farmers, teachers, a variety of managers, an engineer, an architect, a veterinary surgeon, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist and a Church of Ireland clergyman. All of us have a keen understanding of James Lind’s pioneering work in the 18th century and its importance for preserving the health and lives of ordinary people.