Vollert J, Schenker E, Macleod M, Bespalov A, Wuerbel H, Michel M, Dirnagl U, Potschka H, Waldron AM, Wever K, Steckler T, van de Casteele T, Altevogt B, Sil A, Rice ASC, The EQIPD WP3 study group members (2020)

Systematic review of guidelines for internal validity in the design, conduct and analysis of preclinical biomedical experiments involving laboratory animals. BMJ Open Science 4:e100046. doi:10.1136/bmjos-2019-100046
The vast majority of records in the James Lind Library illustrate progress in the evaluation of clinical and public health interventions. We also include some records, such as this one, that illustrate progress in the evaluation of animal and other pre-clinical research.

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