Robin L, Van-Huan T (1935)

Essais comparés de prophylaxie médicamenteuse en région hyperendémique par la praequine et la quinine ou la quinacrine [Comparative trials of anti-malarial drug prophylaxis in a hyperendemic area with præquine, associated with quinine or quinacrine]. Bulletin de la Société de Pathologie exotique 28:650-658.

Key passage(s)



“The prophylactic treatment adopted was as follows for the period 15 August 1934 to 15 January 1935, the duration of the experiment:

The population of the village was divided into two lots of 135 subjects. The first lot (lot A) took a gametocidal treatment from 15 August 1934: 2 cg. of Praequine daily for five days, taken half an hour before the morning meal. This gametocidal treatment was repeated every two months, thus three times in total during the experiment.

At the same time and after the gametocidal treatment, lot A received preventive treatment with quinine chlorhydrate (o g. 50 (sic) every day for six out of seven days, taken half an hour before the meal).

The second lot (lot B) took the same gametocidal treatment as lot A. At the same time and after the gametocidal treatments, lot B received 10 cg. of Quinacrine every day for four days out of seven and this throughout the duration of the experiment.”

Translation by Ulrich Tröhler