Reverdin J-L, Reverdin A (1883).

Note sur vingt-deux opérations de goitre, avec 3 pl. photographiques [Note on twenty two operations on goitre. Continuation and conclusion]. Revue Médicale de la Suisse Romande 3:169-198, 233-278, 309-364.

Key passage(s)


“Delayed general adverse effects [of total thyroidectomy]

No more remains for us other than to tackle the delayed general adverse effects to which we drew attention last year at the Medical Society of Geneva…

First of all we note that all cases [of these adverse effects] followed total removal [of the gland]. On the other had, we note that we have been unable, despite our investigations, to find the slightest trace [of these adverse effects] in any of the patients on whom we used… partial removal, enucleation or, in the case of cysts, incision with resection and closure…

If one wanted to give a name to these adverse effects experienced by our patients after surgery, we do not find a better term than that of myxœdème par extirpation de la thyroïde, or of myxœdème opératoire (‘myxoedema by complete removal of the thyroid’, or ‘operative myxoedema’).”

Translation by Ulrich Tröhler


Jaques-Louis Reverdin (1842-1929)