Repertoire du Regi[s]tre CC (1761)

Maladies Vénériennes, et la Chambre Noble [Venereal diseases, and the City Council]. Archives d’Etat de Genève, Arch. Hosp. Aa 104, 18 janvier, p 53, and 6 décembre, pp 135-6.

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“But…the use of these pills is a quicker and more convenient remedy; that the Physicians thus believed that there is no inconvenience to conduct a trial of the two methods in order to determine from experience which works the better. On the basis of this opinion, the instruction was to endorse the decision of the Physicians, and indeed to conduct a trial of the two methods, for which Mr Guyot, surgeon, would remain in charge in this institution, under the supervision, however, and assiduous control, of the Physicians of the Hospital (18th January  1761).”



“The hospital administrator has produced here the result submitted to him by Mr Guyot, surgeon, of the patients with venereal disease whom he has treated during the current year, which demonstrates that he has treated 12 by rubbing with ointments…and 12 with Keyser pills…altogether 24 patients, 23 of whom have been cured…(6th October 1761).”

Translation by Ulrich Tröhler