Nissen NI (1938)

Erfahrungen mit der Serumtherapie der kruppösen Pneumonie. [Experiences with serum therapy of pneumonia with croup]. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 64:221-225.

Key passage(s)

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“In order to obtain convincing proof of the curative effect the therapy was conducted during the first 18 months in the following way: firstly, in order to avoid a clinical selection from the outset we treated patients with pneumonia and croup as well as patients with bronchopneumonia, and this always immediately after their acceptance into the clinic, that is without waiting for examination of the sputum and differentiation of the pneumococcus, because, at that time, we did yet have any experience with typing pneumococci according to Neufeld’s methods. Then, the treatment was fixed to alternate in time, by treating those patients admitted on given days of the week with serum, but not the remaining [patients] admitted on other days.”

Translation by Ulrich Tröhler