Mauel W (1926)

Ist das Omnadin bei kruppöser Pneumonie wirksam [Is Omnadin effective in pneumonia with croup]? Münchener Medizinische Wochenschrift 73:652.

Key passage(s)



“The full-immune vaccine Omnadin introduced by Much has been tested since December 1923 for its effect in pneumonia with croup.  In order to make the test as objective as possible the cases admitted were, without having made any selection, treated alternately always one with and the following without Omnadin. The Table inserted below shows, that by doing so, there were approximately as many severe and mild cases in both groups. In addition both groups received the usual therapeutic measures: bandages round the chest, digitalis, camphor, solvents, sometimes inhalations of oxygen.

Altogether, 26 out of 52 men and 13 of 24 women were treated with Omnadin.”



“In summary, I believe therefore that comparing the 39 cases treated with and the 38 cases without Omnadin, that I am obliged to say that no obvious success of this treatment in pneumonia with croup can be observed.”

Translation by Ulrich Tröhler