Jurin J (1724)

A letter to the learned Dr. Caleb Cotesworth, F. R. S. of the College of Physicians, London, and physician to St. Thomas's Hospital; containing a comparison between the danger of the natural small pox, and that given by inoculation. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London (1722 - 1723), 32:213-227.

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James Jurin (1684-1750)


Portrait by James Worsdale c. 1640s (© The Royal Society, London).

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  • Bird A (2018).
    James Jurin and the avoidance of bias in collecting and assessing evidence on the effects of variolation.
  • Boylston AW (2010).
    Thomas Nettleton and the dawn of quantitative assessments of the effects of medical interventions.
  • Huth EJ (2005).
    Quantitative evidence for judgments on the efficacy of inoculation for the prevention of smallpox: England and New England in the 1700s.

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