Harvey W (c.1640-1657)

Marginalia. In: Aelius Galenus (1640). ΓΑΛΗΝΟΥ, Πρὸς ΘΡΑΣΥΒΟΥΛΟΝ, περὶ ἀρίστης αἱρέσεως. Galeni, De optima Secta, ad Thrasybulum. In: Goulston DT (editor). Galeni Opuscula hoc Libro comprehensa. London: Richard Badger, pp. 66–143.

Title page(s)

The title page of D T Goulston’s edition of Galen’s works (available free from Google eBooks)

Key passage(s)

“Quomodo nisi experientia?” One of Harvey’s annotations in Galen’s text, and therefore written between 1640, when Goulston’s edition was published, and 1657, when Harvey died (available free from Google eBooks)

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William Harvey (1578-1657)

William Harvey, MD Padua(1602), FRCP(1607); born April 1578 died 3 June 1657
This portrait, by Cornelius Jansen, is in the possession of the Royal College of Physicians of London (https://history.rcplondon.ac.uk/inspiring-physicians/william-harvey)