al-Razi (10th century CE; 4th century AH)

Kitab al-Hawi fi al-tibb [The comprehensive book of medicine]. As cited in Ibn Abī Uṣaybiʿah. ʿUyūn al-anbāʾ fī ṭabaqāt al-aṭibbāʾ [The best accounts of the classes of physicians]. Available in MüIler A, ed. A thirteenth-century history of physicians. 2 vols. Cairo: al-Maṭbaʿah al-Wahbiyyah / Königsberg: Selbstverlag, 1882–4. Vol I, p 314 (five lines from bottom).

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The quotation is from Ibn Abī Uṣaybiʿah, ʿUyūn al-anbāʾ fī ṭabaqāt al-aṭibbāʾ [The Best Accounts of the Classes of Physicians], a thirteenth-century history of physicians.

It can be found in the printed edition: Ibn Abī Uṣaybiʿah, ʿUyūn al-anbāʾ fī ṭabaqāt al-aṭibbāʾ, ed. A. MüIler. 2 vols. (Cairo: al-Maṭbaʿah al-Wahbiyyah / Königsberg: Selbstverlag, 1882–4). Volume I, p. 314 (five lines from bottom).

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“The physician, even though he has his doubts, must always make the patient believe that he will recover, for the state of the body is linked to the state of the mind.”

It is shown in a manuscript copy of the treatise that was completed in 1372 (773 Hijrah) by a copyist who had access to the author’s ‘draft copy’ written in his own hand.

Istanbul, Şehid Ali Paşa MS 1923, fol. 171a.

Translation by Selma Tibi


Al-Razi (c.854CE-c.932CE)


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