Takaki K (1906)

On the preservation of health among the personnel of the Japanese navy and army. Lecture II: The methods for investigating the cause of beri-beri. Lancet 1:1451-55.
By comparing the frequency of beri-beri among cadets on two Japanese training ships, Takaki showed how diet could prevent the disease.

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Kanehiro Takaki (1849-1920); Statue of Takaki in the prefectural park of his birthplace, the Takaoka town of Miyazaki

Takaki Kanehiro (1849-1920). Born in the 2nd year of Kaei (1849) in Takaoka town of Miyazaki. He established prevention for Beriberi after studying its causes. This study opened the door for finding vitamins in later years. He also worked on medical education, and established Sei-I-Kai training center (currently, Jikei medical school). He became the first PhD (Medicine) holder in Japan, and contributed to the development of medicine in Japan. He died at the age of 71 years in Tokyo in 1920.


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