Pregl F (1896)

Zwei weitere ergographische Versuchsreihen über die Wirkung orchistischen Extraktes [Two further ergographic experimental series on the effects of testicular extracts]. Archiv für die gesamte Physiologie 62:379-399.

Key passage(s)




“Paris: Bachelier, 167-177. In the second period from 8-14 Dec 1894 inclusive, both experimental subjects received injections daily before their regular exercise experiments. The injections were made with aseptic precautions into the lateral and extensor sides of the upper arm. Mr Binder received daily 2 injections from a Pravaz syringe of a mixture of one-third “liquide orchidique” (received fresh from Perrotet in Geneva on 7 Dec 1894) and two-thirds of a freshly boiled and cooled 0.6% NaCl solution. [the volume injected is not noted: presumably readers were familiar with the syringes.] Mr Wagner received two Pravaz injections of a mixture of equal parts of glycerin and physiological NaCl solution. This glycerin mixture had been chosen after experiments on myself, so that their injection caused, at least at first, approximately the same feeling of burning and pressure as orchitic extract; I say approximately: for while the sensations provoked by a glycerin injection soon fade, the tenderness after injection of testicular fluid in the dilution used (1:2) often persists for several hours, and sometimes it is still unpleasant the next day. For this reason the injections in both subjects were made alternately on each upper arm on successive days. Injections were not made elsewhere, since I had convinced myself in earlier self-experiments that injections into the upper arm were quite well tolerated, at any rate better than on the abdomen.”

“As a precaution I always filled the syringe in a room that neither subject ever entered during the whole period of the experiments. Moreover I tried through occasional casual remarks to reinforce their conviction, evident from their talk, that they were both receiving injections of the same material. It was also very advantageous that during this experimental period the two gentlemen were never present [in the laboratory] at the same time.”

Translation by Andrew Herxheimer



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