Hottinger A, Toepfer D (1933)

Über den Wert der Serumtherapie bei Diphtherie, insbesondere bei der malignen, toxischen form [On the value of serum therapy of diphtheria, particularly in its malignant, toxic form]. Zeitschrifte für Kinderheilkunde 54:505-529.

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On the value of serum therapy in diphtheria, particularly in its malignant, toxic form.

IV. Comparative trials on the therapeutic effect of horse serum with anti-toxin and nearly devoid of anti-toxin in mild and moderately severe diphtheria

On the basis of our empirical experiences in the treatment of malignant diphtheria as well as the interesting trial series of Bingel, which are supported by the possibility of adaptive (ergotrope), non-specific effect of horse serum on the Shick reaction, we have treated during the course of the past year [1932] over 450 diphtheria cases of mild, moderate and severe grades alternately with anti-toxin serum respectively with normal horse serum.

Translation by Ulrich Tröhler

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