Hidalgo de Agüero, Bartolomé (1604)
Thesoro de la verdadera cirugía y vía particular contra la común. Sevilla: Francisco Pérez, 1604, pp. 32v.

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“I took as a measure the Register Book of the aforementioned Hospital of the Cardinal [of Seville], where the wounded patients are recorded, and it has been shown that last year, in 1583, 456 patients with all kinds of wounds were admitted; 436 were discharged and 20 died. During the two months and a half in which a separate record was made, at my request, of the patients wounded in the head, 57 were admitted, 50 were discharged healed and 7 died.  In the years in which I and my predecessors used the common method [wet healing] we find a larger number of dead than living patients. The disinterested and dispassionate men should observe how much more advantageous is the particular [dry healing] than the common method.”

Translation by Carlos Solís


 Bartolomé Hidalgo de Agüero (1531-1597)

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Hildalgo portrait de Francisco Pacheco